Thank you for your interest in Wayne Tree Manor Banquet Center & Chapel. We hope you choose to plan your special event with us.

Wayne Tree Manor is rooted and firmly established in exceptional service. Our impressive Banquet Center and Chapel will accommodate both intimate and extravagant events. When you decide to host your event at Wayne Tree Manor, you will be able to rely on our professional team.

Wayne Tree Manor’s event experts are dedicated to communicating with you to understand your wishes and expectations. Our commitment to focusing on you and serving your guests is a reflection of our true hospitality.

With a long family history of exceptional service, Wayne Tree Manor has become a tradition for generations. Our many years of experience will help you create the celebration you desire. Every detail matters to us and your event at Wayne Tree Manor will unfold as you imagined.

The Wayne Tree Manor Sales Team would like you to tour our Banquet Center and Chapel, if you haven’t already had the pleasure. Please contact us at your convenience to schedule your visit!